Outdoor Activity First Aid




2 day course

Certificate valid for 3 years

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) compliant.

Suitable for those who work outdoors or take part in sporting activities, for example cycling, hiking, outdoor education , horse riding etc.

This course is a fun and interactive workshop involving practical demonstrations, question and answer sessions and engaging activities, with lots of time for practice and questions. There are no formal tests. Delegates are assessed over the duration of the course.

All delegates recieve a free copy of our user-friendly guide ‘Your Emergency First Aid Plan’ for reference and to help practice the skills covered.

First aid is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. This course is designed for those who work or play outdoors and need an Emergency First Aid Qualification with additional skills relevant to outdoor pursuits.

Packed with practical activities, we’ll get you confident to deal with emergencies both in and out of the workplace. We’ll have loads of time to look at specific injuries, illnesses and conditions – just in case!

Course covers:

  • Emergency Actions

  • Child, Baby & Adult Basic Life Support (CPR)

  • Child, Baby & Adult Choking

  • How to use a defib (AED)

  • Head, Neck & Back Injuries

  • Asthma, Panic Attacks, Drowning & Fumes

  • Unconsciousness & Recovery Position

  • Heart Attacks, Shock, Electrical Shock & Anaphylaxis

  • Bleeding, Wounds & Burns

  • Injuries to the Bones, Muscles & Joints

  • Concussion, Seizures/Fitting & Diabetes

  • Plus lots more!

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Make sure you are covered:

You should remember that cover is needed at all times the business operates, including shift cover, sickness, holiday cover and people working in different buildings on large sites. Therefore you will need to have more than one qualified first aider.

If the people in your workplace are at risk of asthma, heart attacks, panic attacks, drowning, epilepsy, anaphylactic shock, amputations, eye injuries, crush injuries, poisoning, stroke or diabetes, you should consider an HSE Compliant First Aid at Work 3 Day Course.

High or Low risk?:

High risk workplaces include; engineering, assembly, construction, chemicals, dangerous machinery, sharp instruments or dangerous animals.

Low Risk workplaces include; offices, small shops and libraries, without any particular dangers like machinery or lots of manual handling.

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